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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Leather Bags For Women: Go Guava #FashionMenWomen

Leather Bags For Women: Go Guava #FashionMenWomen

The e-commerce has been in the spot-light for a long time now. The market seems to have divided itself into two categories- the all-category giants such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal and the numerous niche-players existing in segments ranging from Baby products to Organic Food to Furniture.

There are obvious advantages and disadvantages in both categories, but for enthusiasts and connoisseurs, the giants sometimes fail to provide an adequate range of products for their preferred product. Take for example, ladies handbags, or to be even more selective, the leather bags for women segment. Now, the fairer sex's weakness for shopping is well known, for many, it's even a hobby. Such notoriously choosy customers are often led-down by the limited range and styles offered by in the ladies handbags segments, and many complained that sub-sections such as leather bags for women sometimes do not exist at all. Even those who preferred the comfort and convenience of online shopping had no option but to go down the traditional brick and mortar road. But given the nature of the industry, it was only a matter of time before this gap in the market was filled.


Goguava, one of the newest entrants in e-commerce, is doing just that. Squarely focus on women, the website offers a satisfactory range in bag's and accessories for women, including ladies handbags.

The obvious advantage that niche players have over the giants is a singular focus on a category that gives them a greater understanding of the needs of the customer, along with a flexibility that allows them to respond. The Guava team, including the Director Surbir Kapoor and the designer Varun Sardana, despite being men, have a natural instinct in the segment, honed by years of experience. They bravely decided to design and sell their own products, rather than be just another aggregator for existing brands. One of the major reasons for what the team perceived was a gap between exorbitantly priced premium handbags, and cheap inferior handbags, a gap, they say, exists both offline and online, particularly amongst ladies handbag. Goguava motto is 'Good For You' and they say their collection is individual, accessible, durable and most of all, affordable.

Final Verdict

The website, the most important part of any e-commerce business, offers an affirmation in the aesthetic qualities of the team with its pleasing design. It then reveals itself to be user-friendly and customizable, a delicate balance that is often difficult to find. The checkout process is fast and convenient. But has Guava sorted out the problem of narrowing the gap in the market, as well as providing greater variety for online shoppers looking for ladies handbag?

Source: Amit Kumar @GoGuava and @GoArticles


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  2. This looks like a good bag with a lot of room for necessities.


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